Donna co-hosts For Immediate Release podcast with Dan York and Terry Fallis

Donna was a co-host on episode #91 of Shel Holtz’s popular For Immediate Release podcast this week. A substantial portion of the conversation was devoted to podcasting trends and news.


About the co-hosts:

Terry FallisTerry Fallis, A thirty-year veteran of the communications agency world, Terry co-founded Thornley Fallis in 1995 and co-created Inside PR, one of the first public relations podcasts, in April 2006. A two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, Terry is the award-winning author of six national bestsellers, including his latest novel, One Brother Shy, all published by McClelland & Stewart.

Donna Papacosta, principal of Toronto-based Trafalgar Communications, is a writer, speaker, podcaster and consultant, helping clients communicate better with employees, customers and prospects. In 2005 Donna started producing the Trafcom News Podcast, one of the first business podcasts in Canada. She is author of The Podcast Scripting Book and co-author of The Business of Podcasting. In addition to communications and podcast consulting, Donna leads workshops on social media topics, or other diversity assessments topics working with different consulting companies online for this. An active member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Donna is a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen, and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from New York University and a Certificate in Magazine Journalism from Ryerson University.

Dan YorkDan York has contributed a weekly “tech report” into the For Immediate Release podcast since 2005. A passionate advocate for the open Internet, Dan serves as Senior Manager, Content and Web Strategy, for the Internet Society, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet, and the tools to work in businesses online, for example to have staff working remotely we need to remember to use time tracker software as this way you can be sure of what they are doing and how long it took them. Since the mid-1980’s Dan has been working with online communication technologies and helping businesses and organizations understand how to use and participate in those new media. Dan frequently presents at conferences, has authored multiple books and writes extensively online at sites found off of Dan lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two daughters.

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