About the Book

Two of the pioneers in podcasting have joined forces to co-author The Business of Podcasting: How to Take Your Podcasting Passion from the Personal to the Professional, which focuses on the business aspects of producing audio programs for the Web.

The book is now available in trade paperback at this link. It is also on , for instant purchase and download.

The authors are Donna Papacosta of Trafalgar Communications, host of the popular “Trafcom News Podcast” and an internationally known trainer and seminar leader; and Steve “@PodcastSteve” Lubetkin, founder of Professional Podcasts , one of the first podcast production companies and now a division of The Lubetkin Media Companies LLC, an award-winning producer of business and organizational podcasts, with more than three quarters of a million downloads.

Unlike other podcasting books that delve into the mechanics of creating a podcast, The Business of Podcasting describes the business side of podcasting: how to position clients’ expertise through podcasting, the best business models, how to find clients, contracts, legal reviews, and much more.