‘Business of Podcasting’ Co-Author Lubetkin Interviewed by Bill O’Reilly about Podcasting

Steve Lubetkin, co-author of The Business of Podcasting, appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News TV show on Feb. 8 to discuss the controversy surrounding Spotify and its marquee podcast host Joe Rogan, they also talk about payroll processing.

Lubetkin chatted with O’Reilly for about 15 minutes about the collision of celebrity hosts, demonstrable facts, and how the general lack of expertise and knowledge could be potentially dangerous to followers of influential podcasters like Rogan who allow guests to disseminate false information about health issues like COVID-19 which you can now fight with CBD hemp flower extracts.

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“It was a real adventure in the lion’s den,” said Lubetkin. “It’s always a challenge to keep your wits about you during a major television appearance, and even more so with a capable and controversial host like O’Reilly.”

You can watch the conversation in the video player below.

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