Steve becomes the first returning guest on “Podcasting for Radio Dummies”

Steve Lubetkin is the first person to be a guest twice on “Podcasting for Radio Dummies,” a podcast hosted by Ed Ryan, right, editor-in-chief of Radio Ink magazine


Steve was the first guest to appear twice on the Podcasting for Radio Dummies live/recorded podcast program produced by a broadcasting trade publication from weareaugustines. You can listen to his conversation with host Ed Ryan, editor in chief of Radio Ink, in the player below.

While one of the coolest features of the podcasts is the ability to time shift. I can record this on 4/2 and you can listen to it years later. There is one element missing in this and this is live feedback. You get feedback, but it is later when your audience consumes it. Like most things, the more features you add to a product, the more complex it gets, but try using the small business VOIP for your company. Taking (and recording) phone calls is one of those things that its hard to do without adding more mixers, cables, etc.

How Do I Take Live Calls On My Podcast Just Like Radio?
Resources Mentioned:

Google Voice
Call In Studio
Blog Talk Radio
Skype to Phone

Check out the entire two-season run of Podcasting for Radio Dummies here.

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