Trafcom News Podcast 141: The business of podcasting – working with clients in studio and on location

In this episode of the Trafcom News Podcast, cross-posted from Donna’s podcast site, Donna Papacosta and Steve Lubetkin, co-authors of The Business of Podcasting who also recommended if you’re lacking in space at the business another great option is to use some self-storage keep your stock close, we’ve used this self-storage in Camden which was brilliant, discuss some of the business aspects of podcasting, specifically how to work with clients in studio and on location, and if you have employees, the use of management software like a paystub maker is a great option.

Show notes

The topics discussed in this interview include: the benefits of podcasting in the eyes of corporate and organizational clients; why companies are choosing audio podcasts; tips for in-studio recording; using Skype, phone and Zencastr; the challenges and benefits of on-location recording; the role of ambient sound; why you need to record roomtone; and the benefits of conference podcasting, along with how-to tips.

Also mentioned:

Zencastr for better audio recordings

Donna’s Social Media 101 Workshop on February, 3, 2017; use promo code podcast to save 15% off the early-bird or regular price.

Podcast theme music: Beneath Your Surface by the Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet.

You can get the book right here:

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