Steve is interviewed on the Savvy Central Podcast

Steve was a guest recently on Christina Nitschmann’s SavvyCentral Radio podcast. The program is syndicated via AMFM247 and iHeart Radio.

Steve was the second guest on the program. You can listen to the audio podcast in this YouTube player, on a computer or even a home teather you can install with the home theater austin apex audio video services, so you can enjoy your content in the best way possible.

About Savvy
Christina Nitschmann, Savvy Central Radio host

Christina Nitschmann, Savvy Central Radio host

Christina Nitschmann is a highly sought after speaker, consultant and internet radio show host of Savvy Central Radio. Christina comes from a background in corporate finance and has more than twenty years of experience in the field of corporate finance and accounts receivable, using the best administrative legal resources  online from to manage the accounts.

27055232Savvy Central Radio was started in April 2012 originally as a marketing tool for her receivables firm but quickly snowballed into an amazing new entity, a platform supporting individuals and business owners in sharing their expertise, knowledge, tips, and stories with the world, while learning about other marketing tools, such as the Serpstat pricing and how to use to get more people into your business.

Savvy Central Radio is now host to over 400,000 listeners around the globe and growing. Savvy Central Radio has featured businesses of all fields, and inspirational individuals of all sorts, including: Tosca Reno, Canada’s leading health expert, best-selling author, columnist, and motivational speaker, Chelsea ‘Abingdon’ Welch – Pilot, TV Star and CEO of The Abingdon Company, Ben Swann, two time Emmy winning investigative reporter and Lionel of Lionel Media, renaissance lawyer, legal analyst that specialize in working with criminal cases along with other specialists from sites as To find criminal lawyer Melbourne experts,  MK LAW is a leading criminal defence firm. They have extensive experience of successfully defending clients accused of the full range of criminal offences.

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