Donna appears on the “She Wrote a Book” Podcast

Donna did an interview on the “She Wrote a Book” podcast recently, hosted by Lena Anani.

Listen to the podcast in the player below.

About Lena Anani

AnanaiLenaIntuitive Book Coach, Content Strategy Magician, and Socially Awkward Comedian.

Driven to create and cultivate authentic authors, you’ll find Lena Anani experimenting in her virtual laboratory, concocting colorful potions of written wisdom, and using the magical powers of creative collaboration with her beloved clients to help them fully experience the joy of purpose, play, and profit. She also loves alliteration and run-on sentences.

Lena Anani has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, The CW, The Daily Herald, Mercury News, and many other news outlets for her work as a writing coach who helps her clients attract more clients and increase prestige.

In her free time, Lena Anani likes to amuse herself with her furbaby child, let loose in her comedy classes, and belt out some heart-pounding gut-wrenching karaoke power ballads.

You can learn more about the magical madness that Lena Anani creates at and stumble upon her witty blog, inspiring podcast, and awesome freebies.

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