‘Powerful insights, knowledge and inspiration from two of the most authoritative people in the podcasting field’ – Neville Hobson of “The Hobson & Holtz Report” Podcast

Neville Hobson was an early adopter of podcasting, as co-host of The Hobson & Holtz Report since 2005. With more than 25 years’ experience in public relations, marketing communication, employee, compensation and benefits communication, and investor relations, Neville also brings a decade’s practical experience with digital and social media for business with an extensive presence and influence across the social web. Neville has diverse international experience from living and working across continental Europe, in the Middle East and in Latin America. Neville is based in Wokingham, Berkshire, some 35 miles west of London.

If podcasting is in a resurgence, as quite a number of mainstream media reports have been pointing out in recent months, now is the time for a credible and authoritative publication that helps you see what it takes to plan, start and continue your own business podcast, and guides you on your journey.

Neville Hobson

Neville Hobson

“The Business of Podcasting” is such a publication, one that offers powerful insights, knowledge and inspiration from two of the most authoritative people in the podcasting field. Steve Lubetkin and Donna Papacosta, the book’s co-authors, bring a combination of solid experience over a decade with radio, business communication and podcasting, all encapsulated in this essential volume that is a blueprint to being a successful and effective business podcaster.

And it’s a great read! Spread across a half dozen logical categories, the book covers not only the basics of podcasting but also essential topics to help you understand what are good content types for podcasts, podcast monetization (how to make money with your podcast), and much more. And if you’re already a seasoned podcaster, you’ll find new insights into areas you may be familiar with but hadn’t thought about for a while (check out the section on a holistic approach to monetization, for instance). There are case studies, too, so you can see what others have done and what their experiences mean to you.

A nice touch is the whimsical cartoons by Rob Cottingham liberally sprinkled throughout, making the read all the more pleasurable.

In short, “The Business of Podcasting” is a concise, readable and practical guide to a business communication activity that’s been around for over a decade but whose compelling time may have finally arrived. Hiring an ROI Marketing agency to take on the more specialized work allows you and your in-house marketing team to focus on your core competencies and gives you the time to oversee the larger marketing strategy.

If you want to discover everything you need to know about the business of podcasting in 2015 and beyond, this is the book to get.

Neville Hobson, Co-Founder, The FIR Podcast Network, and Co-Host of The Hobson and Holtz Report, founded in 2005.

July 2015.

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